Electric Vans For Sale

Electric Vans For Sale

What We Do?

Electric Vans for sale and lease. We are your link between getting a great deal on an electric van, financing it and disposal. We will give an honest approach to how they each fare, how to cheaply afford them and how to finance an electric van. As with any new technology there will be a learning curve but your already on the right road with an electric van.

Finance An Electric Van

Why Electric Van Lease?

The typical electric van has a charge range of roughly 290 miles after a single charge. In the real world this is often less due to factors such as cold weather or running air conditioning which reduces the batteries efficiency. The running costs of these vehicle sis very low as there are far fewer moving parts. Popular vans will be the Nissan e-nv200 and Renault Master Zero Emissions ZE and both these feature a similar load capacity to the petrol and diesel vehicles.

About Electric Vans

It will be interesting to see the New Electric Mercedes Vito and New Electric VW Transporter Vans when they appear on the market shortly. Since 75% od van drivers drive less than 40 miles a day there is no real reason why not to buy one Typically batteries last 5 years on most vehicles and should have little wear. A new set of batteries after this time should give the van a new lease of life. Often these vehicle have a much larger weight capacity and payload due to the fewer moving parts. Gain additional flexibility with a charging card . Additionally buy an electric vehicle charger . Our most popular VW Electric van here.

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Why Switch To Electric?

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint And Your Vehicle Operating Costs

Choosing Go Electric Vans to supply your electric van means you minimise your carbon footprint and your vehicle operating costs all in one go. When you go all electric, you’ll spend far less on fuel and with zero emissions whilst driving, every trip you make in your electric van will be better for the environment. It all adds up to a smarter, more sustainable way of life. The worldwide goals of moving towards a more sustainable future for you and your children starts here, choosing Go Electric you’ll be navigating the planet we all call home with zero tailpipe emissions for years to come. It is time to enjoy the fresh air!

Electric vans enable you and your business to stand out from the crowd and offer huge positives. As more electric vans make their way onto our roads, it goes without saying that the infrastructure will expand. There are already over 4800 charging locations in the UK, offering nearly 7500 individual charging points and this number is growing every single day. With predictions saying by 2025 there will be over 12000 charging locations in the UK and upwards of 21000 individual points. In addition to more charging points, the increased popularity of electric vans is here to stay. Contact us and let us talk about your business taking the next step to a cleaner, greener and cheaper future.

Zero Emission

Eco Friendly

Smart Systems

No Fuel Needed

Low Operating Costs

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