Become A Charging Station

The world is changing. If you have a business with a parking space there is little point in getting a workplace charger when you can get a Customer Electric Vehicle Charger.
– Charge your own vehicles
– Attract new customers with electric vehicles
– Put your business on the map

– In 10? years times customers will choose a business with a charger as they might not get home otherwise…

If you need footfall and customers through the door then over the next 10 years customers will tend to choose those with electric vehicle charging stations. It won’t be long maybe 10 years before review sites have a filter for charging points.
When you get an electric van from us add as an optional extra a customer charging station. You pay one fixed fee and its installed for you with a three year guarantee fully maintained for three years.

Attract New Customers

1 Million EV Drivers by 2020.

50% Battery Creates Anxiety

There are a lot of studies over the social aspect of the amount of charge left on a mobile phone despite the ease of charging. You can literally charge a mobile phone almost anywhere on the planet.
Most Electric Vans have some type of mobile app to reveal the amount of charge left.
Logically people will not want an electric van to show much less than a 50% charge thus if you have a customer charging point you are onto a winner