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Guide To Charging Electric Vans

Guide To Charging Electric Vans. There are three routes to charging an electric van. There are lots and lots of grants available  for electric van charging . 
1. Home charging 
2. Workplace charging 
3. Out and about charging  
Electric Van Charging  Summary 
Home charging. Although you can use a 3 prong socket our advice is to install a specialist outside socket which is faster and more convenient. It should cost no more than a few hundred pounds. Often there are government  electric vehicle grants for buying an electric van charger 
Workplace charging 
Really depends on the size of your workforce and if its secured. See our guide on workplace charging and decide really how many chargers you need. 
Out and about.
Our advice is to have several cards as many electric vehicle chargers are broken although the maps will still send you there. 

Electric Charging Cards 

“And when I got to the charger it was out of service “
Basically not all chargers on maps work

Types Of Van Chargers

Quick chargers 43 KW 3x 62 Amps
Wallbox 22KW 3×32 Amps
7.4KW 32 Amps
3.7KW 16 Amps
Green up socket 3.2 KW 14 Amps
Domestic socket 2.3 KW 10 Amps
You can but electric van chargers from these companies
and here is some advice on living with an electric van .

Some of the most popular vans are the electric VW Crafter,