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Electric Citroen Vans
Citroen Berlingo Electric 

Electric Citroen Vans – The Latest High-Profile Models

At Electric Van Solutions  we want you to know all you can about the latest electric vans for sale, as well as charging options in the United Kingdom. All types of electronic vehicles are being used in the area. Whether it be for work or pleasure, you can travel around and beyond the Wales area saving on petrol and helping our environment. Today we want to share some information about Citroën and their series of all electric vans.

Finding charging stations in the Wales

There are now over one thousand electric vehicle charging stations in Wales. These charging stations are critical to the success of the transformation to a better life that embraces social and environmental responsibility. Reducing the number of gas vehicles on the road is good for the world, slows down climate change, and is simply good for everyone.

What do we know about Citroën?

Citroën has been in the business of making automobiles for more than one hundred years. With over three hundred models, many of which showing off groundbreaking technologies and innovations. In 2009 the company created a new identity for itself and today is still going strong with more and more new models and releases. The latest high-profile models are the electric vans. Given all the action being taken in the United Kingdom to become more socially responsible – all backed by the government, this is a smart move for Citroën.

Which Electric Vans does Citroën sell?

The latest models coming from Citroën are:

The price varies, but Citroën believes electric vans should be available to everyone and start with a base model at a modest price.

Citroën e-Berlingo Electric Van

Released at the end of 2021, this is one of the smallest vans in this generation of Citroën electric vans. The look is a bit different from its predecessors. The new Citroën Berlingo electric van is a practical choice for those wanting to help the environment while saving money on petrol. This eco-friendly van is very efficient and certainly reduces pollution.

The Berlingo model has both AC and DC charging ports offering several charging options. This 100 percent emission-free van stores the charging port under the fuel flap. Using the same 50kWh battery and 134bhp electric motor are the same as in the Citroen-C4 family of vehicles. It has a range of approximately 171 miles. With the AC charging port, in eight hours your van can be fully charged. With the DC option, a 30-minute charge to eighty percent is possible. There are charging stations all around the area now and with a range of approximately 110 miles per charge, you can travel around the area safely.

This van has three different driving modes to help extend the battery charge life. The Normal mode restricts the power output by limiting the use of the heating and air conditioning systems. This frees up allows for more range and for carrying heavier loads. Other modes extend the range even further. Many ‘driver assist’ and safety options are available in this model as well.

Citroën e-Dispatch Electric Van

This mid-size electric panel van has a range of approximately 210 miles with the larger battery and 143 for the less expensive, smaller battery model. At 100 percent emissions free, it is great for the environment too.

This van has a 134bhp electric motor. It has a smooth and quiet drive and can carry heavy loads. With a choice of XS, M, or XL sizes ranging from 4.6 to 6.1 cubic meters of cargo space as you go from XS to XL in size. The interior of the XL is roomy and has some nice features like fold down seats and sliding doors.

The battery options are either a 50 or 75kWh, with the smaller battery reducing the range from 210 to 140 on each charge. Charging a 50kWh battery at home will take approximately seven and a half hours. The 75kWh battery can take over eleven hours. If you find a rapid charger, you can reduce the charging time for the 50kWh to around thirty minutes and the 75kWh to around fifty minutes.

The interior of this van is very comfortable for two people up front. It may be a bit tight if you try to squeeze in a third though.

Citroën e-Relay Electric Van

Equipped with features you expect in your personal vehicle, this larger electric van gives you all that you need and more. With safety features like airbags and a clear line of sight to your battery charge level so you always know how far your next charge is away, this is more than just a work van. It sports plenty of cargo space for your tools and a flashy modern design.

This van has 120bhp all electric engines. This engine does not require shifting, so the ride is smooth and quiet. No matter where you need to go, this van can get you there.

The battery range will depend on the chassis size you choose. The up to L2 chassis has a range of approximately seventy miles with a 37kWh battery. For chassis L2 and up, the 75kWh battery gives you more range at approximately one hundred and fifty miles. To charge the Relay at home with a 7kW charger, you will need somewhere between six to twelve hours. If you upgrade to a 22kW charger, you can be fully charged in six to nine hours. At a commercial charging station with a 50kW charger, you can drive away at eighty percent charged in about forty-five minutes.

Do you want to know more?

Citroën has been dabbling in the electric van market for over a decade now. With the experience in the electric van space, Citroen has some great options for you. The long history of quality design and technology gives them an advantage in the electric vehicle market. If you want to have a look for yourself, look at their 3D website that allows you to see what these electric vans look like from every angle, in every color, and with all the available accessories.

If you have questions about Citroën electric vans for rent or lease, feel free to contact us  at Electric Vehicle Solutions  for more detail.

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