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The Big News At Ford In 2022 Is The New Ford E-Transit Model

EVS has a variety of electric vans for lease and for rent from. Our Wales, UK location offers many electric vans for rent and for lease. We are socially responsible and care about our environment. We pride ourselves on supporting electric car and van manufactures. If a posh electric van is what you are looking for, look at the Styling Packages we use to customize any standard electric van.Today we are highlighting the new Ford electric vans.

About Ford as a Company

Ford is an American company founded in 1903 by Henry Ford with the help of 11 investors. After 16 years working together, Henry and his family took over full ownership of the company. Ford is headquartered in Michigan in the United States of America. Henry Ford is known for the Model T, but the company remains innovative and has been working in the electric vehicle market since the 1960’s.

The Ford Comuta was designed specifically for Britain as a concept car and today sits in the London Science Museum. This early breakthrough for Ford had a range of 38 miles at a speed of 25 mph. With only a handful of them manufactured, Ford took what they learned and went on to improve those electric models.


Fast forward to 2022, Ford now has 3 all-electric vehicles. Despite the early innovation in building that first Comuta, Ford has only started manufacturing all-electric vehicles for mass production in 2021.

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New for 2023

 Ford E-Transit – Ford has Electric Vans for Sale

Ford’s first all-electric commercial van, called the E-Transit arrived in the UK early this year. In design, it is like the diesel version of the Ford Transit model. Let’s learn more about this more environmentally friendly electric van model that needs less maintenance than their diesel-powered vehicles. After all, it is the best-selling cargo van in the world.

What is the Ford E-Transit About?

The Ford E-Transit is an all-electric commercial cargo van that comes in 25 different variations. With options of a standard panel van, more seating with a double cab, or the chassis cab. Certainly, these options will suit your business needs with just the right amount of cargo storage. There are 3 roof heights and 3 body lengths available. Ford does not make a passenger version of this electric van, so this is strictly a work van.

E-Transit Range and Battery

This model has a 68-kWh battery pack. It is found on the underside of the van’s body so as to not take up any of the van’s precious cargo space. For the lower roof options, Ford estimates a range of approximately 125 miles, which should be more than enough based on data Ford collected. This data shows that the average number of miles driven in this type of van is around 74.

The E-Transit as a Power Hub

The first in European innovation, this electric van can serve as a power source if you upgrade to the Pro Power Onboard feature. This feature offers power from a 2.3 kW outlet that is enough to charge your laptop or the tools for your next job while on route to your next destination. Have no fear, this new model is smart and can shut the power source down before it completely runs out of power.

Do You Need Cargo Space? Not a Problem

This commercial cargo van offers 15.1 cubic meters of cargo space, the same as the diesel model. Ford smartly put the battery under the chassis so as not to take up any precious cargo space. There is plenty of room in this commercial van to support almost any business.

Ride in Style with this Upgraded Interior

The interior is nicer than most commercial vans and this newer model does not disappoint. The modernization includes a 12-inch touchscreen that allows for easy access to many controls. At-a-glance you can see battery levels, power usage, and remaining driving range. The manual hand brake is now a convenient electronic button below the steering wheel. The touch screen houses the Sync 4 entertainment system and all the connectivity features. The Sync 4 system is user friendly, with no real learning curve if you are familiar with smartphones.


Charging your E-Transit is Easy

You can use AC and DC chargers to charge the 68-kWh battery, so charge whenever and wherever you want. For slow charging, you can use a 120-volt and 240-volt outlet. While it will take longer to charge at home, if you use a 115-kW rapid charger, you can charge the E-Transit battery from 10% to 80% in under 35 minutes.


E-Transit Safety and Security

On the standard model, there are electronic stability controls for when your load is not balanced evenly. The side wind assistance keeps you safe when driving in harsh weather and high winds. With an upgrade, you get a Collision Mitigation System, Lane Departure Warning, and a Lane Keeping Aid. Van security does not come on the standard model, but with upgrades, there are a lot of options available to you. 


Reducing Your Cost to Run

This electric van for sale will save you money on the cost of the diesel and the overall maintenance costs. Electric vans have fewer things that can go wrong, so you’ll spend less time at service stations along with the lower costs. The new unlimited mileage service intervals are a bonus even if you must make sure to get one service annually. The warranty is the same as the predecessor Transit, except you have an increased 100,000 miles over eight years.


Interested in an Electric Van Rental or Lease?

At  EVS Electric Vehicle Sales  we want to help you out and hook you up with the right type of electric van for your personal or business travel. If you are looking for any type of electric van for rent, for lease, or to be modified, give us a call.

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