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Electric Mercedes Vans

Electric Mercedes Vans –Comfort, Efficiency, Safety & Entertainment Altogether

Here’s an indisputable fact: the words ‘car’ and ‘Mercedes’ are about as synonymous as ‘pancake’ and ‘Nutella.’ This is hardly surprising, and, moreover, considering this motor company to be among the most prestigious in the world would be completely justified. Gifting the world, the first production automobile, and establishing its household name through many years of innovation, excellent engineering, and superlative standards, wheeling that Mercedes out of the dealership is a luxury for few, and a hollow dream for most. But what makes this forward-thinking brand tick? A question to many, perhaps, but, don’t worry about it, because we have the answer.

Try…about everything. An excellent indicator of our society’s ever-progressing, state-of-the-art technology, Mercedes guarantees nonpareil comfort, efficiency, safety, and even entertainment when it comes to its pricey vehicles. From the moment you open that driver’s seat, and slide onto the cool, crisp leather, your first impression will be that of the utmost luxury and meticulous design. From custom LED lights, to plush carpeting and sleek, polished upholstery, the design, hand-crafted to satisfy only those with the finer tastes in life, will not leave you ill for want. And it doesn’t end there.

In such a day and age, the unparalleled engineers, designers, and thinkers employed at Mercedes understand the dire need for change. Need proof? Look no further than your local park. Gaze upon the discarded chocolate wrappers, plastic bags, and mud-streaked bottles strewn across the pavements, and bearing in every mark the signs of prolonged and sordid negligence. It’s no secret that we are draining our planet, or, more specifically, our resources. With 85% of our energy sourcing from non-renewable supplies (oil, gas, and coil), and copious amounts of carbon dioxide, monoxide, and methane being released into the atmosphere, it is only a matter of time before we bear witness to the active deterioration of the planet that we call home.

But, here’s the good news. Here, within the automotive industry, certain, diligent brands are taking steps towards reversing the devastating effects of humans among nature- after all, vehicles and road-based transport systems are unimpeachably a major contribution towards the problems that, we as a whole, are facing today. Mercedes is proud to stand among these companies- through rigorous experimentation, fastidious care, and assiduous determination, their electric range, both through cars and vans, have finally hit the road. Interested in learning about a greener tomorrow? Well, in that case, look no further than the Electric Mercedes Vito, and Sprinter.

Electric Mercedes eVito

Looking for both luxury and functionality, but not quite sure where to start. Don’t worry- we’ve got your back! Promising both the opulence typical of Mercedes and core effectiveness, the eVito promises twice the productivity rolled into one. For example, look no further than the regenerative braking system offered within this model, alongside all the contemporary convenience inside the driver’s cabin that one would expect from a combustion-powered equivalent.

Interested in that regenerative braking? Lucky for you, we’ve got lots to tell you. Equipped with 4 levels of regenerative braking, the driver is offered the choice of force with which the vehicle brakes upon removal of external pressure off the gas pedal. And, when it comes to safety, you won’t lose any sleep either- brake light illumination safety comes added into the mix to ensure tip-top protection when on the late-night road trips.

At Mercedes, each vehicle is painstakingly, punctiliously made to ensure maximum availability for all customers. Need a different vehicle for several different jobs you need to carry out? No matter- don’t run around buying van after van just yet! Thanks to the finicky design, the eVito comes with three available driving modes: C, E, and E+. Each is equally competent and all promise different driving ranges through an adjustable motor.

When it comes to vans, the majority of customers are construction-based workers and material transporters- that means long, tedious drives down serpentine lanes- often at night. The last thing you want is for your battery to conk out. With the eVito, that’s not a worry that need cloud your mind. Boasting an impressive 41kWh battery and driving range of 93 miles, the eVito can be fully charged in as little as 6 hours thanks to the cleverly-made internal functions. Furthermore, with the engine delivering over 114bhp to the front wheels, you’ll have an unmatched horsepower when you speed on down that motorway. So, surely such a capable, powerful battery must take up half the van, all big and clunky, right? Wrong! The eVito’s battery is an astonishing half of the size of the Mercedes ECQ, and that means more storage and cargo capacity for all you builders out there.

Electric Mercedes Sprinter

Big brother to the eVito, the sheer gloss, and brilliance of this model is one to rival the eVito itself, with another excellent example of uncompromised plushness and productivity, the Sprinter is guaranteed to serve both you and the environment when it comes to your smartest purchase.

Identical to the eVito in horsepower, the Sprinter promised 114hbp of deliverance and 256 Nm of torque, meaning that trouble when navigating rocky hills and terrain is a mere thing of the past. With this audacious design, the nonpareil power means that you’ll not face a single hindrance when it comes to traversing through all those different landscapes.

Showcasing an elegant 55kW battery, the e-Sprinter guarantees a smooth, unbothered ride. Gone are the days of cumbersome motor purrings, fuelled by combustion-powered engines. And, what’s more, you can take your vehicle for a late-night spin without waking up your family and neighbours, too!

With an astounding charging time of only 8 hours, refilling your eSprinter has never been so easy. Furthermore, expect this charging time when using only a standard 7kW wall charger. Thanks to the eSprinter’s compatibility with rapid charging, you only need set aside half an hour to get that battery from 0 to 80%. Stopping for a quick lunch break? Charge your vehicle along the way! With a full battery, you can expect an amazing range of over 83 miles- more than enough to get you to where you need to be. It’s almost too good to be true!


At Electric Vehicle Solutions s, an inveterately diligent automotive company, rest assured that the perfect van or vehicle will be found when it comes to looking for your next mode of transport. From electric to combustion-powered, or clunky to sleek, they’ve got it all, and, what’s more, a deep-rooted addition of over 100 years of experience into the mix. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that your precious bundle of joy is being picked out for you with painstaking care need an upgrade? Ouch, maybe you scratched the paintwork last week in that unfortunate road collision? No worries- expectedly developed in the art of customization and upgrades, EVS will tailor that van to your delight, making it less Mercedes, and, ultimately, more you. 

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