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By 2030, the UK government will be ending the sales of all petrol and diesel powered vans in an attempt to be eco-friendlier and clean. You do not have to wait that long to pick up your very own Nissan electric vehicle to be prepared for the upcoming emissions ban. Besides wanting to prepare for the end of petrol and diesel, why should you buy one of the Electric Nissan Vans? Well, for one, they have tons of options for charging stations for home or office use. That’s not all, though. There are two Electric Nissan Vans on the market that we will talk about. These vans are sure to please — especially if you typically travel around the city. Today we will talk about the Nissan e-NV200 and the new Nissan Townstar Electric. We will also discuss the options and features Nissan has for their electric vans, regardless of which one you own and love. 

Buying the Electric Nissan Vans

Electric cars are becoming a hit in the UK for many reasons. They drive smoother than a petrol or diesel due to the amount of torque produced. They have less running and maintenance costs, and are excellent for the environment, with zero emissions. Nissan has given even more reasons to love an electric vehicle, such as NissanConnect, which is in every vehicle that is from 2020 on, and the ease of charging your van.


Nissan wants to ensure you stay connected and always in the know. That’s why they have included NissanConnect Services available in the App. With the app, you can ensure you never have to enter a cold or hot and balmy van again by using the pre-heat or pre-cool functions. You can also check how many more miles you can drive on your current charge, what the charging status is, and so much more — even if you are not near your van. Don’t worry if you have locked your van up or not anymore — just check on the app. You can lock, unlock, locate, and start your car as well — all in the app. 


Nissan sells many different types of wallbox style chargers to fit your needs at home or work for Electric Nissan Vans. You can recharge your Nissan while you sleep, or even programme the charge to only start during off-peak hours to save on your energy bill. If you need to charge while out and about, or want to charge your van fast, you can connect to one of many public charging ports. Fast chargers typically allow you to get at least a 40% charge in 30 minutes to an hour. A standard home charger, which takes around 7 hours to charge the average battery, very likely may be all you need — depending on how much you travel per day. Not sure where a charging port is and need one quickly? Check the app for local ports — there are plenty out there compatible with your Nissan.

Nissan e-NV200 

The e-NV200 is one of the smaller Electric Nissan Vans, but it has a rather large load area and a superb driving range — which are some of the reasons it is so popular. This van was first launched in 2014, with production going through 2021. It has a strong 109hp electric motor. In 2018, Nissan upgraded the battery capacity. A single charge on the 40 kWh battery can see you driving between 124 and 187 miles — depending on speed, location, and road conditions. You can fast charge it at any rapid charger and get from 20% to 80% charge in 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the age of your e-NV200. Just be careful not to fast charge all the time, or you may risk the integrity of the batteries. For a home charge, the e-NV200 will charge fully in around 7.5 hours, unless using a 3-pin plug — then you may need up to 21.5 hours. The cargo area of this van has   a load capacity of 4.2 m³, which gives you a max payload of 705 kg. The e-NV200 comes in three trims — the Visia, Acenta, and Tekna. As a standard, it’s a two-seater panel van. If you need to carry more passengers, you do have the options of a five or seven-seat Combi model. 

Who would Nissan e-NV200 best suit?

Businesses with predictable routes and ranges, city-based delivery drivers, small businesses, and those who will be doing a lot of city driving can benefit the most from this electric van. The e-NV200 also makes a great family van.


Prices range from £30,355 to £35,035.

All-New Nissan Townstar Electric

If you are in search of compact Electric Nissan Vans, then Nissan Townstar Electric should be your choice. It is featured with a short or long wheelbase option. The 122 PS powertrain comes with intelligent energy management, a cooling system for the batteries, and 245 Nm of torque. This van comes in a choice of four trims — Visia, Acenta, Tekna, and Tekna+. The Townstar EV is said to get between 183 and 269 kilometres on a full charge of its 45 kWh battery pack — depending on the road and other conditions. The battery pack can come with an 11 kW system for charging, with the Visia trim, or a 22 kW charging system on the Acenta trim. The DC charger included in the Acenta trim can see the batteries charge from 0 to 80% in a bit over 40 minutes. The Townstar has a payload of up to 600 kg for the short wheelbase, 800 kg for the long wheelbase, and tow a maximum braked load up to 1,500 kg. It has a total of 3 seats for passengers also. The Townstar comes with a load of 20+ driver assist modes and other technologies. Making it the perfect upgrade for your electric van needs.

Who would it best suit?

This van is great for businesses who do deliveries, those who routinely do a lot of city driving, and also for fleet owners. 


The Townstar Electric is set to start at £29,945 and go up to £36,070. 

Get your electric Nissan van today

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