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Electric Peugeot Vans – Emission-free Future

When considering a new or upgraded commercial vehicle, there are so many different factors to consider including initial outlay, servicing, and on-road costs. Fuel prices seem to be endlessly increasing, and low emission zones are becoming increasingly common to ease dense traffic congestion in city centres and urban environments. After looking at all the factors, emission-free commercial driving may hold the most appeal, and electric Peugeot vans could be the best option.

Peugeot has cleverly released an electric version of their three most popular van types meaning it’s easy to enjoy quiet, emission-free, electric van driving without compromising on the space and practicality needed in a work van. Overall, electric Peugeot vans can reduce your overall maintenance and energy costs on a per mile basis when compared to their diesel counterpart. Charging options are expanding, including to the home, and Peugeot offers a choice of battery size to address your driving needs.

Charging Options for Electric Peugeot Vans

Emission-free driving is extremely appealing for a variety of reasons, but uncertainty about vehicle range and availability of charging facilities can arise. There are a number of government initiatives, including grants, and corporate enticements that have made charging and purchasing an electric van easier than ever. Free bp pulse memberships for public charging station access for six months are included with all new electric Peugeot vans and other long-term charging options are available as well. Peugeot indicates using a Wall Box as their preferred charging method and have a partnership with Pod Point for home and commercial installation options.

Charging times can vary depending on the battery size and type of charging device used but 80% top-up charging can take as little as 30 minutes for the standard battery and 45 to 60 minutes for charging an extended range battery when using a Wall Box. While electric Peugeot vans can be charged using a home socket, it can take well over 40 hours for a full charge. Due to potential overheating issues at the socket, home socket charging is only recommended in emergency situations. When you need to keep your business on the road, a Wall Box is a significantly faster, more cost efficient if charged during off-peak times, and safer option. There are government rebates and grants available to off-set installation costs which also makes Wall Box installation a practical option.

MyPeugeot App and WLTP

To further help drivers manage their vehicle, Peugeot offers real-time, remote, synchronised management of their electric vans through their MyPeugeot App which offers vital information about and control over vehicle range, charging status, in-car temperature, and maintenance schedules and requirements. Most importantly to managing an electric Peugeot van, all driving range values stated are tested according to WLTP protocols to reflect realistic driving range information derived from real-world driving conditions. The driving ranges aren’t best case scenario numbers, but a reflection of what to expect when using an electric van.


The fully electric e-Partner is an exceptional, award-winning small van that is light on the environment and heavy on practicality. It is capable of up to 171 miles (WLTP) of driving on a single, full charge. It has an identical load space to its diesel counterpart and can carry a payload up to 800kg. The towing capacity is 750kg. There are Crew Van and Panel Van formations that can be chosen between, and the immediate engine torque gives rapid acceleration without compromising on the smooth, jolt-free driving expected from an electric van. The e-Partner handles well with a reduced turning circle and smaller overhang allowing for improved manoeuvrability in both the Standard 10.82m body and the Long 11.43 body. The side, rear and reversing cameras cover a very wide area and negate any blind spots which is especially useful when negotiating narrow or crowded areas. The e-Partner is a dynamic, practical, and efficient small electric van.


Like its smaller e-Partner electric van stable mate, the e-Expert is both fully electric and award-winning. The e-Expert comes in a panel van formation with a uniform roof height designed to fit urban driving conditions and boasts the same wide-vision passenger, rear and reversing cameras as the other electric Peugeot vans. It also comes with a choice of three different wheelbase lengths: Compact at 4.6m, Standard at 4.9m and Long at 5.3m. The carrying capacity volume varies from 4.6 to 6.1 cubic metres depending on wheelbase length. This load space fully matches the diesel counterpart, the Expert from Peugeot so there is no loss of volume capacity when switching to an electric van. The e-Expert has a maximum payload of 1226kg in certain configurations and a uniform 1000kg legal towing capacity across the entire e-range. The 50kW battery has a range of 148 miles (WLTP) and the 75kW battery has an extended range of 211 miles (WLTP). The battery options available also depend on wheelbase length, and these need to be taken into consideration, as well as the style and duration of driving expected when choosing between all the options. The e-Expert is an excellent mid-sized electric van that performs well in urban and other environments.


The largest of the three electric Peugeot vans, the e-Boxer is also an award-winning, fully electric commercial vehicle. There are two battery options available for the e-Boxer with the 37kW battery having a range of 73 miles (WLTP) and the 75kW battery having a range of 154 miles (WLTP). The battery options are just the beginning of the huge range of options available on the e-Boxer. There are five different chassis styles including: Window Van, Panel Van, Floor Cab, Chassis Cab and Back-to-back. There are also several length choices from 5.4m to 6.3m and rear-door opening angle options from 90 to 270 degrees for wide loads that guarantee there is an e-Boxer that can get the job done. The load volume is identical to the diesel Boxer ranging from 8 to 17 cubic metres on the Panel Van chassis configurations. The maximum payload on the e-Boxer is 1200kg but this can vary depending on the specific weight and chassis configuration. The e-Boxer is an impressive, practical, and adaptable large electric van that is welcome in low-emission zones.

Considering an electric Peugeot Van?

The team at Electric Vehicle Solutions thinks the electric Peugeot vans are impressive and can help you get your job done, right. If you are considering some of the electric Peugeot vans for your next commercial vehicle or want to discuss identifying the right configuration or battery size for your needs, at Electric Vehicle Solutions, we have the knowledge and range to help you decide. Whether you’re considering an electric van on lease, purchase or even an electric van rental, Electric Vehicle Solutions has the right electric van for you.

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