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Electric Renault Vans

Electric, Electric, Electric – Let’s Look at the Renault Electric Vans

At Swiss Vans, we sell and rent as well as offer a variety of leasing options for all kinds of electric vans. We care about our environment and always support our electric car and van manufactures. We customize any standard electric vans with our select Styling Packages to turn it into a posh modified electric van for you to rent or lease.

Want to get your hands on Nissan, Volkswagen, Citroën, Peugeot, Toyota, Maxus, Renault or any other brand? No worries! Look no further than Swiss Vans. Here we’ll explore more about Renault electric vans to see what it has to offer:

About Renault

Established in 1899, this French multinational automobile manufacturer has a wide selection of electric vans to choose from. Headquartered in Paris, Renault is one of the biggest automakers in the world. With so much experience and innovation behind them, it makes sense to explore renting, leasing, or buying one of their electric vans. Let’s see what they have.

Renault – Electric Vans for Sale

Renault has these newer electric vans to consider:

All their electric vans are 100% electric and are emissions free. They are comfortable to drive and make for a good electric van purchase, lease, or rental. Let’s learn more about Renault’s newest models.

Kangoo E-Tech Electric Panel Van

Renault offers 2 models of this amazing new van depending on your cargo load needs, you can choose the smaller wheelbase or the larger wheelbase model. It also includes the “Open Sesame” innovation coined by Renault a decade ago. This supplies easy access to the loading area and more space for cargo.

The interior offers a lot of space in the front seat for a good travel experience. It has 2 front seats and the driver’s seat is fully adjustable for comfort and better viewing. The steering wheel is adjustable for height and reach adding comfort to your travel time. There is a storage compartment and cup holder in the armrest console. For even more space, this model has easily accessible storage space above the dashboard. That space is easy to reach while driving without distracting the driver.

Both models have an electric dashboard that is very sleek and fully connected. Equipped with Bluetooth, Android Audio, Apple Carplay, and easy access to charging stations in the area. This dashboard also includes clear visuals to show your battery charge levels, rear vision assistance, and side wind assistance when traveling in harsh weather.

Safety features include Hill Start Assist to avoid rolling backwards when stopped on hills, dual airbags, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), cyclist and pedestrian warnings, forward collision warning, in-lane assist, and seatbelt reminders.

With the latest 45kWh lithium-ion battery can be charged to 100% capacity and is stored under the floor so as not to take space away from your comfort or needed cargo space. With an 11kW charger, you can charge fully in 2 hours and 40 minutes. If you upgrade to a 22kW charger, you can charge in only 1 hour and 12 minutes. With an 80kW rapid charger, the charging time reduces to under 40 minutes. These models have a driving range of 199 miles.

The Kangoo E-Tech can be fully customized. Maybe this is your next posh modified electric van.

Master E-Tech Electric Van

Renault offers this large all electric cargo van, which is one of the largest around. Despite its size, it is easy to drive and is not as noisy at lower speeds compared to others of this size. When you are driving this large van, you will feel like you are sitting high. This van is best used in the city or on shorter journey times. The large cargo space makes this van perfect for larger loads.

Built for safety, it also comes with wide view mirrors, a rear parking camera and sensors, rear running boards and handles, and an adjustable steering wheel. Driver assistance for hill starts and trailer swing are available in the base model. This van is also equipped with anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution and side wind assist.

Interior conveniences offer a fully adjustable driver’s seat and one-touch electric front windows. There is a pivoting seatback table and 2 cup holders on the center console if you need a break or to eat lunch on the run. There is a passenger bench seat, and you can find added storage under the seat with a hidden storage compartment and an overhead shelf. The entertainment features are limited in this model but does come equipped with Bluetooth and a radio with DAB.

This model has an Eco mode available to you. The Eco mode button is found on the dashboard. This mode is intended to improve the overall range. In this mode, you lose some performance, but it is extremely helpful if you are running low on battery charge. The dashboard also houses a 7-inch touch screen which includes information about the vehicle status like range availability, a smartphone charger air conditioning control, and rear parking sensors.

With the latest 52kWh battery size, this model now has a maximum range of 124 miles. The charging time is more than 6 hours using a 7.4kW charger and more than 10 hours using your home 3.7kW charger.

With the increased range over their earlier models, the Master E-Tech stills has a lower range that is better suited for city or shorter journey drives. If shorter journeys in and out of the city are your need, this is a practical choice.

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With all the options available to you for electric vans for lease, for sale, or for rent, we want you to know all the facts. These fully customizable electric vans for sale allow you to travel in real style doing your day-to-day errands or during your workday. At Electric Vehicle Solutions we want to help you with your electric van lease or electric van rental.

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