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Saic Maxus – Revolutionising the Automotive Industry Since 2011

Asking someone to choose their favourite car is like asking what their favourite meal is.

You just can’t possibly choose…and thanks to the plethora of availability on today’s market, you don’t have to! Finding a vehicle to suit your needs has never been so convenient, especially considering the introduction to web-based shopping.  It’s irrefutably easier- virtual tours, high-quality pictures, and internet-based appointments mean that driving a million miles to some car dealership in the middle of nowhere is unimpeachably a thing of the past. Nowadays, there is something suited to everyone, regardless of their needs, exigencies, or requirements.

However, this begs an important question. Is it better to choose a vehicle best suited to our demands, or perhaps the circumstances of our connectedness as a whole? Drive your ideal car now, and, perhaps in a couple of years, we’ll all reap the devastating consequences. You see, gasoline-powered sports cars, while congenial and pleasant sounding to one’s ear, are a luxury that we cannot afford to taste any longer, and is most certainly quite impossible to make a reality, when all in all is considered…

…Because, ladies and gentlemen, we are slowly killing our planet. Now, more than ever, we must choose with trepidation, purchase tentatively, and use with hesitance. With the ruinous effects of climate change set to be irreversible by 2030, and electric vehicle mandates to be put in place by 2035, the responsibility is upon us and us alone to make the right, sustainable choice. Furthermore, choosing the right electric car for your road trips alone can be an exorbitant and demanding experience if you don’t know where to start.

But here’s the good news. SAIC Maxus, a notorious and distinguished motor brand, has been honing its craft in the electric-based industry since 2011, working hard to give you the greener alternative we all truly deserve.

Saic Maxus-Deliver 9

If you’re looking for not only efficiency, but renewability, comfort, and supreme functionality, then look no further than this incomparable model.  Coming in several different options to ensure maximum availability to the public, there is undoubtedly something for everyone.

Impressive Features

When it comes to choosing your next electric van, arguably the most important factor is the cargo hold. Making no sacrifices when it comes to loading and interior capacity, the Saic Maxus features an impressive payload capacity of 1240 kg, to ensure nothing has to be left behind when it comes to transporting tools to and from the job site. Still not reassured? Look no further than the cargo capacity. Featuring an astonishing allowance of up to 11.55 cubic metres, a rear door entry height of 1570mm, and a sliding door width of 1269mm, entering and exiting your vehicle has never been so simple and convenient.

Less is indeed more

When it comes to additional accessibility points, this automotive brand cuts no corners. With back doors that open to an impressive angle of 236 degrees, material hindrance is never a problem with this innovative design. Are all those doors and locks getting in your way? With the E Deliver 9, we believe in simple, but effective. Showcasing only one sliding door, Saic Maxus incontestably once again, proves that less is indeed more.

Travel unworriedly

Moreover, you can travel unworriedly when it comes to Saic Maxus, due to their incredible safety features. Designed to keep you safe and secure when navigating dangerous areas, the van comes fitted out with an adaptable, accommodating seatbelt to ensure you’re as strapped in as can be when moving at high speeds. Forgot to clip in? With the safety belt buckle prompt for driver and passenger, you’ll instantly know who is at risk as soon as you start the engine.

Furthermore, when it comes to driver and passenger, you’ll be journeying safely thanks to pre-fitted airbags and a central lock. The list doesn’t end here- with various other protection details installed, you know that you’re getting your best value for money when it comes to your utmost welfare.

Maximum adaptability

Coming with driving modes, Eco, Normal, and Power, the E Deliver 9’s state-of-the-art creation is built to ensure maximum adaptability over different terrain. Driving is now never a chore, and it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, either. With an 8-direction, movable driver’s seat, rest assured that those long, tedious drives will not affect your spine or posture in the long run- you’ll be properly supported in all aspects.

Granted- nothing could possibly alleviate those long, sweaty summer hauls. They’re unavoidably uncomfortable, right? Wrong! With the E Deliver 9, expect high-standard air conditioning to keep you cool, refreshed, and satisfied down those serpentine roads.

So what more could you possibly want? Offering roomy and accommodating payload capacities, comfort, efficiency, and adaptability, it’s clear to see why this stroke of genius is such a hit in regard to the automotive industry. Its unparalleled allowance and nonpareil leeway will tempt even the best of us. With a maximum driving range of 219 miles (outdoing any van currently on the market) and 150kEW of unrivalled power, it’s an offer too good to pass up.

Swiss Vans

So, you’ve decided on your vehicle, but where do you go from here? In this day and age, finding the right dealership is difficult, especially when it comes to honesty, integrity, and affordability. It’s not uncommon practice to be sold a product at a price too high, or on the basis of an untruthful claim. If you’re looking for efficiency, quick processing, and unmatched professionalism, then look no further than Swiss Vans. With over 100 years of experience within the automobile industry, rest assured that they have both you and the environment’s best interests at heart.

Having worked with distinguished, infamous companies (including Volkswagen, Jaguar, and Ford), they’ll secure you the best prices and deals on a van that is best suited to you. Their sheer expertise and vehicle-related knowledge means that you can also expect the latest updates, news, and sales known to those only well-acquainted within the business.

And it doesn’t end there. Also highly developed within the customisation sector, Swiss Vans can turn that dull, ordinary-looking van into something bespoke that screams you, without batting an eye. Well learned in the art of trims, renovations, and upgrades, you can sleep well at night knowing that your pride and joy is in the hands of the very best.

We’ve told you absolutely everything we know- now it’s up to you to make the decision. Looking for something that ticks every category? Look no further than Swiss Vans and Saic Maxus to deliver the standards you deserve.



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