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Four Electric vans for sale VW Vans for an Eco-friendly, Cost-Efficient Business

A Electric Van Future for Your Business

With rocketing fuel prices and the UK government ending the sale of petrol and diesel vans by 2030, there’s never been a better time to swap out the old gas guzzler for an eco-friendly alternative. But what about the economic recession and rising vehicle costs? Can’t afford to purchase a vehicle outright, or only need one for a limited time? Renting or leasing a van is easier than ever and the available options are practically endless. Luxury isn’t beyond your reach, either. Welsh van rental company EVS offers a number of high-end electric vehicles to suit your needs. Its the number one choice for electric VW Vans. So if you’re looking to circumvent fuel costs, avoid all the expenses associated with purchasing a vehicle, or simply switch to a more environmentally-friendly transport option, we’ve got you covered. This article takes a closer look at three different electric vans. With a range of prices, features, and functions, there’s something for everyone.

The Electric VW Crafter – Loading Space Aplenty

If storage space is your top priority, as it is for many businesses, then the VW e-Crafter is the van for you. As its name suggests, the e-Crafter is an electric version of VW’s biggest van – the Volkswagen Crafter. This eco-friendly work van has a generous cargo capacity – capable of bearing loads over 1,500 kg – coupled with excellent fuel efficiency, so it’s sure to be a winner. Not only will the e-Crafter reduce fuel costs for your business, but it will also future-proof your company strategy, so when 2030 comes calling, you won’t be left behind.

Just because it’s electric, it doesn’t mean the e-Crafter isn’t capable of pulling its weight. In fact, when carrying a load exceeding one tonne, the e-Crafter still displays powerful acceleration. Why? The e-Crafter possesses torque capabilities extending to 290 Nm. What’s more, if you’re worried about driving around town, unheard by pedestrians, worry no more. When driving at lower speeds, the e-Crafter alerts passers-by to your vehicle’s presence by emitting a “driving sound”. At a top speed of just 50 mph, the e-Crafter certainly won’t be breaking the land-speed record any time soon. But for city driving, loading, and unloading cargo, it handles the job with ease and reliability.

Recommended for:

The e-Crafter’s 190-mile range and generous storage capacity make it the perfect eco-friendly solution for town-based businesses looking for a fuel-efficient, cost-efficient work van.

The Electric VW Transporter – Economical and Efficient

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the electric VW Transporter – or ABT e-Transporter 6.1 as it is also known – bears a remarkable resemblance to the petrol-fuelled VW Transporter. Its large storage capacity makes it ideal for transporting furniture within the confines of an urban environment. Its 83-kW motor is capable of generating torque of up to 200 Nm – considerably less than the VW’s 290 Nm, but still sufficient. Meanwhile, with a top speed of 55 mph, the Transporter is slightly faster than the Camper’s 50 mph – but the difference is certainly negligible.

Charging time for the Transporter is about 5 hours at a 7.2-kW charging station. So plug it in at the end of the day and it will be ready to go in the morning. Meanwhile, at a 50 kW charging station charging time is reduced to an impressive 45 minutes. This is the class in which all VW Electric Vans will be judged.

Recommended for:

The ABT e-Transporter 6.1’s storage capacity and range makes it the perfect eco-friendly cost-efficient work van for town-based businesses that only require moderate storage space.

The Electric T7 Multivan – Sleek and Stylish

The T7 Multivan boasts an eye-catching design coupled with a 1.5-litre engine. With its 31 mile range and 13Kw battery, the T7 is definitely better suited to city driving than countryside excursions. Meanwhile, with the capacity for up to 7 seats, the T7 can comfortably accommodate work colleagues, family and friends. Want to swap out seats for loading space? No problem! With the exception of the front seats, all seats can be removed, making the T7 a truly versatile vehicle. If that wasn’t enough, with fold-out tables, cupholders and ample storage cubbies, your passengers are bound to be comfortable.

What’s more, equipped with active cruise control, the T7 is not only stylish, it’s a pleasure to drive. Likewise, the lane assist feature helps ensure that you and your fellow road users have a safe journey.

Recommended for:

With its 31 mile range and 7-seat capacity, easily convertible into loading space, the Electric T7 Multivan is best suited for transporting passengers and goods in an urban environment.


The Electric ID Buzz – Classic and Versatile

The Electric ID Buzz has a classic feel coupled with state-of-the-art technology. This environmentally-friendly vehicle is perfect for transporting goods and passengers within the city confines. With its 11 metre turning circle, the ID Buzz is small and agile, capable of manoeuvring easily in small spaces. The ID Buzz also offers stylish interior design and ample legroom for you and your passengers. Compared to many of the electric vans, the ID Buzz is relatively speedy, with a top speed of around 80mph.

Recommended for:

The ID Buzz is perfect for driving in congested city streets where turning space is at a premium. With its stylish looks and comfortable interior, the ID Buzz isn’t just practical, it also looks great.

The Right Van at the Right Time

So if you’re looking to take your business in a bright new eco-friendly direction, there are a range of options available. Much as you’d expect, the larger electric vans are costlier but offer an impressive amount of storage space. Meanwhile, the smaller vans tend to be cheaper. If you’re not sure which option would best suit your needs, leasing or renting a vehicle for a month is a great way to find out what works for you. Not only that, but renting a van is a great way to ensure your business remains flexible and capable of adapting to meet the needs of Britain’s rapidly evolving workspace. To make the right time look at electric van leasing 

At the end of the day, one thing is certain – no matter which electric van you select, you’ll be saving money on your company’s fuel bills and doing your bit for the environment. Win-win!


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