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Electric Van Description

An all-electric version of Volkswagen’s largest van, the VW e-Crafter offers a vehicle with a hefty load space which is exempt from emission charges. Businesses who transport a large amount of goods through cities and urban ares could really benefit from the use of the electric VW Crafter.

Those eager to get their hand on a VW e-Crafter will have to settle for a left hand drive for now. But, the right hand drive will be rolled out in 2020

Volkswagen e-Crafter

The Volkswagen e-Crafter is a high-top electric work van with all the reliability and durability you’d expect from a Volkswagen, with the style and ride comfort of a touring vehicle. From ride smoothness, to handling, to cargo capacity, this van has all the tools you need to get the job done, with the added bonus of being a fully electric vehicle! Style, performance, and sustainability. What more could you ask for? Let’s take a closer look at what the Volkswagen E-crafter has to offer.


Starting with the battery, the e-Crafter comes equipped with a 35kW battery mounted beneath the floor, which lowers the center of gravity and creates a smoother, more stable ride. Adding to this is a gearbox-free electric motor making 134bhp, which is comparable to most standard diesel vans in the class. This means you won’t be sacrificing power or performance when switching to electric. And with a range a range of up to 100 miles and a top speed of 56mph, you can expect all the convenience of a petroleum-fueled car in an environmentally friendly electric motor.


As far as charging is concerned, a standard wall charger will get you to full capacity in a mere 5.5 hours. If you have access to rapid-charging, you’ll be able to charge the e-Crafter to 80% in only 45 minutes. The remaining 20% can will take a further 20 minutes for a total charge time of just over 1 hour. With charge times this fast, you’ll be able to make it through your work day without much waiting at the pump or, in this case, the charging station.

Moving on to the interior, the Volkswagen e-Crafter cuts no corners in its styling and amenities. Similar to its diesel-powered cousin, the e-Crafter comes equipped with a plethora of convenience-features including 3 open-top compartments, two cupholders, and a storage compartment in the split-level dashboard. It also includes large door pockets capable of fitting water bottles and other large or irregularly shaped items. The fold-down tray in the middle seat only adds to the convenience and creates extra usable space when there is no middle passenger. But the features don’t stop there. There is also a heated driver’s side seat so you don’t have to waste electricity using the vans air heating system. To top it all off, the e-Crafter also comes equipped with an integrated touchscreen display.


No discussion of a cargo van would be complete without discussing payload and storage capacity, and the e-Crafter has plenty of both! As a medium-wheelbase vehicle, the e-Crafter is the perfect balance of cargo space and maneuverability. The high roof increases cargo capacity to an astounding 10.7m3. The maximum load length is 3450mm. The maximum load width is 1380mm and the maximum load height is 1861mm. As far as payload is concerned, the 3.5T model has an impressive capacity of 970kg.


As important as performance and features are concerned, there is nothing quite as important as a vehicles safety record, and the Volkswagen e-Crafter does not disappoint in this area either. This work van comes standard with post-collision braking to help bring the vehicle to a stop in the event of an accident. Cross-wind assistance will help you maintain vehicle control in heavy winds resulting from inclement weather. Front and rear-view cameras will help you keep an eye on your surroundings and Volkswagen’s 16 sensor parking assistance system will help you avoid the bumps, dents, and scrapes so common to operating in tight and low-visibility environments.


So, if you’re in the market for a safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, and high-performance cargo vehicle that can work just as hard as you can, look no further than the Volkswagen e-Crafter. From its powerful electric motor, to its reliable battery and range, to quick charging times, this van has all the EV features you’d expect with the toughness, cargo capacity, and payload of a diesel. If you’re ready for the future of electric vans, look no further!


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