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Electric Deliver 3 Chassis Cabs

2.0 EcoBlue 213PS Double Cab MS-RT

Electric Deliver 3 Chassis Cabs

2.0 EcoBlue 213PS Double Cab MS-RT

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Electric Van Description

Electric Deliver 3 Chassis Cabs
Ideal for city centre work. Let us send your van to our choice or your choice of specialist  bodybuilder

  • Dropside and tippers
  • Mini Luton Vans
  • Utility vehicles
  • Mini bin vehicles

Meet the E Deliver 3 Chassis Cab

Introducing the Maxus e Deliver 3, the budget-friendly EV with a powerful message to spread: The future is electric, and the future is now! The first-ever van conceived and developed 100% from scratch as an EV; (there is no diesel or petrol equivalent), it’s manufactured by Chinese company SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) and was previously sold under the LDV brand in the UK. Since 2020 it’s Maxus wherever you are — and you’ll find them wherever you are, at least in the UK and much of Europe as well as China. There’s a reason for that. Quite a few reasons, as you’ll see.

It’s tough to beat a chassis cab when it comes to flexibility and customization; the e Deliver 3 Chassis Cab can be upfitted in a variety of styles to meet your needs including dropside and tipper, mini Luton and mini bin. At 5090 in height, 1780 in width and 1885 in height (without box) it’s on the large side for a small van (or the small side for a mid-size van), making it a perfect compromise if you’re waffling. In addition to the chassis cab it’s available as a panel van in both standard and long wheelbases.

SAIC prides itself on being an industry leader in battery technology, and it shows. The 52.5 kWh battery gives you an impressive range; while it will vary considerably for a chassis cab depending on body style, the panel van gets up to 243 kilometres (151 miles) combined range. For city driving the number can go as high as 344 kilometres/213 miles. (For comparison, the Mercedes eVito has a max range of 100 miles/160 kilometres.) With the highly accurate range predictor — the best, according to many, in its class —  it’s easy to work charging breaks around a tight schedule with no worry that you’ll end up stranded without battery power. You can charge from 5-80%) in just 45 minutes; 80 minutes gets you to 100%.

Maxus’ tagline for their motor is ‘high power, low energy’. At max power it delivers 90kW and can have you zipping along at 90 km/h (chassis cab); the panel van can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h. These speeds knock it out of the park when compared to many of the e Deliver’s competitors (including Peugeot’s popular ePartner) and make highway driving a breeze. Torque peaks out at a max of 255 N; acceleration again varies depending on body style, but the panel van gets from 0-100 km/h in 12 seconds.

The 3-mode energy recovery/regenerative braking system allows you to control the balance between acceleration/deceleration responsiveness and battery conservation. You decide what you want to prioritise; if you need to get moving as quickly as possible, leave it on low. To conserve battery power, crank it all the way to high.

Of course a work van has to do a lot more than just drive well, and the e Deliver 3 is no slouch when it comes to handling cargo. The chassis cab can take a payload of up to 1110 kg, beating out a number of competitors in this respect (such as Renault’s popular Kangoo E-Tech). Load volume will of course vary depending on body style, but is up to 4.8 cubic metres for the panel van.

As you’d expect from any of today’s vehicles the e Deliver comes equipped with a range of safety and assistance features, including the latest ESP (Electronic Stability Program) to keep the ride as comfortable and safe as possible, while keeping your cargo as safe as possible. The multi-function steering wheel allows you to keep your eyes on the road while managing mobile calls, temperature, stereo volume and cruise control.

Creature comforts and conveniences include a smart air conditioning system, heated seats and an infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen, compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Since the cabin is designed to function as a true office-on-the-go; USB for both driver and passenger are included.

Speaking of comforts and conveniences, there are no trim levels for the e Deliver. Inside and out, they’re all the same in this respect; no matter which version you choose, you get it all. “All” isn’t necessarily super-luxurious, but it’s not too shabby, either. The focus is more on function than luxury, and that’s not a bad thing for a work vehicle.

You see this in the design of both the interior and exterior, as well. You’ll find lots of plastic in the interior design, but it’s interspersed with upholstered surfaces and the cabin is roomy and comfortable. On the outside, the sleek curves or its aerodynamic design aren’t hard on the eyes, either, and the silver accents add a touch of interest.

Overall, the e Deliver 3 has got a lot going for it. Thanks to its appealing price tag and bang for the buck, it’s converted many a sceptic reluctant to make the switch to electric. If that’s you, it could very well be the perfect choice for your business.

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