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Electric Mercedes Sprinter

Electric Mercedes Sprinter

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Electric mercedes sprinter

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Electric Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes e-Sprinter


For the ultimate in style-meets-productivity, look no further than the Mercedes e-Sprinter! This sleek and functional addition to the already stellar line-up of Mercedes work vans gives you the clean yet eye-catching look of a Mercedes in an environmentally friendly, electrically-powered package.


For starters, the e-Sprinter comes equipped with a powerful electric engine pumping out 114bhp and 295Nm of torque. From uneven terrain to steep hills and everything in between, this van has the power under the hood to get you from job site to job site without a hitch!


Powered by a compact, efficient, and low-profile 55kW battery, the e-Sprinter delivers a smooth, almost silent ride. Gone are the days of the loud and fume-emitting diesel engines. With the e-Sprinter’s battery powered drive-train, you’ll go about your work day without bothering your neighbors (or clients) like most other traditional gas- or diesel-powered vehicles. To top it all off, the e-Sprinter has an impressive 83 mile range, making it ideal for work in and around the city.


As for charge times, the e-Sprinter couldn’t be easier to re-charge and get back on the road! Using a standard 7kW wall charger, the van can be fully fueled (from 0% to 100%) in only 8 hours. But that’s not all! Since the e-Sprinter is also rapid charging compatible, when using this charging method the van be charged to in only 30 minutes (from 10% to 80%). This makes mid-work-day charging easy, convenient, and practicle.


Moving on to trim and body style, the e-Sprinter delivers everything you could ask for in one standard trim – the L2 H2 Configuration. This is a medium length wheelbase configuration with a medium roof height. It comes equipped with one sliding side door and a rear door that opens to a full 270 degrees, making loading and unloading a breeze.


The e-Sprinter also sports a spacious interior cargo area. It has 11m3 of loading space and 3.4m of cargo bay length. Add to that a max payload of 731kg and an under-floor mounted battery, you’ll never have to doubt the e-Sprinter’s ability to get all your tools, equipment, and materials to the job site safely and securely.


As important as the cargo area is, you’ll also be spending quite a bit of time up front in the driver’s seat getting from place to place. That being said, the cabin comes with all the standard features you’d expect like air conditioning, heated driver’s seat, storage space, and a 3-seat layout. You can also expect LED interior lighting and auto-emergency braking.
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Paramount to any vehicle’s quality is its ability to keep you safe, and e-Sprinter stands out from the competition here as well. With auto-emergency braking, active braking assistance, and attention assistance, you can feel confident and secure while on the road! The e-Sprinter also comes with a 3-year, no mileage-limit general warranty and an 8-year/160,000km battery warranty.

From its impressive battery and range, to the ample cargo space, to a modern interior and outstanding safety features, the e-Sprinter really does have it all. You’ll never have to doubt your work vehicle again with the e-Sprinter.
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