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Electric Saic Deliver 3

2.0 EcoBlue 213PS Double Cab MS-RT

Electric Saic Deliver 3

2.0 EcoBlue 213PS Double Cab MS-RT

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Electric Saic Maxus Deliver 3

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Electric Van Description

The Electric Saic Deliver 3 (Maxus eDeliver 3) is a fully electric van with zero tailpipe emissions that allows light commercial vehicle drivers to enter low-emission zones without facing any costly tariffs. Rising fuel costs are becoming an increasing burden on businesses, and by switching to an electric vehicle, on road costs can be reduced significantly. Stop-start and urban driving conditions are the most common for light commercial vehicles and they also consume huge amounts of petrol or diesel in a combustion engine. Alternatively, the Electric Saic Deliver 3 offers quiet, emissions-free driving with an accurate driving range for reassuring reliability because urban stop-start traffic benefits an electric van. So rather than increasing on road costs, urban traffic actually helps top up the battery costing you less. The Maxus eDeliver 3 has only ever been an electric vehicle and everything about the design, battery capacity and construction materials is intended to get the most from an electric van.

Driving Range of Electric Saic Deliver 3

Driving range and charging times are often the first considerations when looking into an electric van. The Electric Saic Deliver 3 offers some of the most accurate and reliable driving range predictions of any electric van on the market because of the light body makeup. The ternary lithium polymer batteries are available in two capacities: 35kWh and 52.5kWh. The 35kWh version has a combined driving range of 99 miles which increases to 141 miles in purely urban traffic. The 52.5kWh version has a combined driving range of 151 miles which reaches 213 miles when driving in stop-start conditions. Like most electric vans, using eco-mode and avoiding using the air conditioning where possible also extend driving range. The driving range stated holds up to real world driving conditions, including at freeway and dual-carriageway speeds but greatly benefits from regenerative braking in urban settings. The Maxus eDeliver 3 lets drivers use the usually costly stop-start traffic to their advantage.


Charging times vary depending on the charging system used. Charging the batteries to 85% can be completed in as little as 45 minutes for both sizes when using a DC charger, such as those found in public charging locations. Wall Box AC chargers that are typically installed in homes and work environments are designed to be used during down-time. It takes 6 hours for the 35kWh battery and 8 hours for the 52.5kWh battery to be charged to 100% using a Wall Box AC charger. With all electric vehicles, it is best to complete daily driving within the driving range and then recharge when finished. This does require some planning, but electric vans are seldom on the road 24 hours a day and electric recharging is convenient during off road times. Wall Box installation costs can be offset through government rebates and incentives which can make charging the Electric Saic Deliver 3 a simple, convenient process.

Feather Light

Feather light is a bit of an exaggeration, but the Maxus eDeliver 3 is around 400kg lighter than other similar-sized electric vans which have been converted directly from their combustion counterparts. Weight reduction is the single most impactful factor on driving range in an electric van and the Electric Saic Deliver 3 benefits greatly from being exclusively electric since its inception. This optimised construction uses aluminium and composite materials to reduce overall vehicle weight and increase payload without reducing driving range significantly. The power assisted steering and responsive nature of electric motors off the brake further enhance the feather light feeling when driving the Electric Saic Deliver 3.


The Maxus eDeliver 3 motor produces 90kWh. This equates to 255nM torque and 122hp so the eDeliver 3 is responsive from the first moment of acceleration and completes 0-62mph in 11 seconds with a top speed of 75mph. The Electric Saic Deliver 3 can carry load volumes of up to 4.8 cubic metres accommodating two Euro pallets and the loading bay floor is made from stainless steel fitted with a slip-resistant covering and six load-lashing anchorage points for load security. There is a maximum payload of 945kg, excluding passengers, for the 52.5kWh and the 35kWh has a slightly smaller maximum payload of 865kg. The eDeliver 3 (Deliver 3) has a maximum towing capacity of 1200kg with a braked trailer on the 35kWh model and 1090kg braked towing capacity for the 52.5kWh. The towing capacity is sensibly reduced to 750kg with an unbraked trailer.

The Maxus eDeliver 3 is 4,555mm in length, 1,885mm in height, 1,780mm in width without the side mirrors and has a wheelbase of 2,910mm. The overall dimensions allow the eDeliver 3 (Deliver 3) to travel easily through congested urban streets and tight loading areas with rear parking sense minimising the likelihood of bumps and scrapes commonly caused from reversing with poor visibility. For further ease of use when carrying cargo, there are both 90-degree rear barn doors as well as a sliding passenger-side panel door for easy load access. The sliding panel is especially handy when unloading in narrow areas.

Daily Driving

The three regeneration modes in the Electric Saic Deliver 3 offer the option for one pedal driving, where releasing the accelerator results in varying degrees of deceleration or slowing depending on which mode has been selected. This reduces the frequency of braking needed when responding to traffic conditions. These driving modes help regenerate the battery to improve driving range, especially when used with Econ mode which reduces top speed to 58mph. The centre touchscreen panel is easy to navigate and access the essential driving range, battery charge and trip computer information. The Maxus eDeliver 3 is equipped with Apple Play and Android Auto as standard and two USB ports for phone charging. There are only three drive options, Reverse, Neutral and Drive that are controlled by a dial and the vehicle is placed in Neutral rather than the standard Park when turned off.

The Future of Business is Electric

Switching to a fully electric van for your business can seem like a complex or risky prospect. Electric Vehicle Solutions aims to simplify this process while also making sure you get the right electric van to suit your business needs and driving style. We have many electric vans available for sale, lease and rent and even offer fleet options and custom modifications. It’s important to us that your electric van keeps your business moving. Contact Electric Vehicle Solutions or request a call back and we will help you make the switch because the future of business is electric.

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