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Electric Saic Maxus Deliver 9

Electric Saic Maxus Deliver 9

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New Electric Deliver 9

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Saic Maxus Deliver 9


If you need the best in both functionality and modern convenience in a van package, then look no further than the Maxus Deliver 9 from Saic. With trim and model options to suit every driver’s needs, there is something available for everyone. From a cargo van to a people mover with seating available for more than 10, the Deliver 9 covers all bases and will not leave you disappointed.


Let’s look first at what makes the Maxus Deliver 9 so convenient and comfortable. The Deliver 9 has an 8-direction adjustable driver’s seat, so you’ll never be in an uncomfortable position for those long hauls with hours spent on the road. It has electric front windows; multifunction steering wheel; eCall; radio, MP3, AUX, USB and Bluetooth connectivity; and a foldable remote control key (1 piece). Roudning out the convenience features, there is also Air conditioning for those mid-summer drives in the heat; electric power steering; manual DPF regeneration button; a rear parking sensor to help you avoid those unsightly dings and dents in your bumper; and 3 driving modes: Eco, Normal, and Power! Add to that an engine start/stop, and you can how the Deliver 9 sacrifices nothing in terms of modern convenience.


The Deliver 9 is also replete with interior and exterior features that only add to the quality of this vehicle. With rear doors that open to an angle of 236 degrees; duel cargo lights; a single sliding door; and 8 tie down points for your cargo, the Deliver 9 is a cargo carrier with virtually no limitations relative to the other vehicles in its class!


You can also expect a halogen headlight; natural color handles; LED daytime running lights; FWD independent front suspension; a full steel unglazed partition; steel wheels; rear bumper with natural colors; and an outside rearview mirror


If you plan to use the Deliver 9 as a people mover or a cargo van, then you’ll want to know exactly what the cargo capacity is for the vehicle. For the front wheel drive LH model van, you’ll have more than enough room to carry whatever is needed throughout the day. Starting with cargo capacity, the Deliver 9 has an astounding 11.55 cubic meters pf space in the cargo area. The rear door entry height is 1570mm and the rear door entry width is 1756mm. The sliding door width is a comfortable 1269mm for easy access from the side of the vehicle. The payload capacity is an impressive 1240kg, so you can confidently transport your heavy loads wherever it is they need to go.


Moving on to the most important discussion of any vehicle is the safety features. The Deliver 9 comes with a number of safety related features to keep you safe and comfortable on the road. Starting with an adjustable, non-pre tightening safety belt. It also comes with automatic emergency braking; a central lock; driver and passenger safety belt buckle reminders; front passenger and driver airbags; automatic off headlights; and a lane departure warning system. With a number of other safety features not discussed, its easy to see just how safe a vehicle you’re getting with the Deliver 9.


If you’re in need of an affordable and feature-rich van capable of carrying both people and cargo, then look no further than the Maxus Deliver 9 from Saic. With a lush and feature-full interior, a functional cargo area, and safety features, the Deliver 9 will keep you confident and comfortable while on the road.

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