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Ford Electric Custom

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The New Electric Transit Custom  – Ford’s Latest Stroke of Genius…

 -The New Ford Electric Transit Custom  has finally revealed its new groundbreaking model…and it’s a real wheel-breaker!


It’s fatuous to deny it, ladies and gentlemen- we’ve all been there.

The claustrophobic, stifling air within the ridiculously small car frame that seems to tighten around your very lungs…drinks and the latest appliances flying through the air, struggling to retain purchase on what was in your hands as the vehicle hits another devastating speed bump. Why, oh why, you find yourself thinking, don’t vehicles nowadays come with enough luggage compartments? Not to mention that painfully needed extra space; you’re one small degree away from knocking knees with that awkwardly closely-situated passenger beside you. Link to Ford website

In addition, the majority of us are no strangers to tedious-road trips, prodigious amounts of luggage, and futile attempts to balance your computer on the dashboard so you can carry out that much-needed extra work that’s been accumulating on your desk for several weeks. To say that this universal experience is nothing short of a nightmare would be far from hyperbolic in nature.

So, what’s the answer? Well, as the world of technology, scientific breakthroughs, and assembled strokes of genius begin to take shape, the closing gap between that of a vehicle and an almost-habitable second home has never been more insignificant. What’s more, we live in a time and age where witnessing the future first-hand has never been more feasible, accessible, and convenient to most… and thanks to the Ford E-Transit Custom, getting down and about with the latest technology has never been so rewarding!

A (Not too Brief!) History of Success

To most, if not all of us, the notorious name Ford retains strong connotations of familiarity, prosperity, and affluence within the automotive industry. It is a name associated with strength, efficiency, and unwavering reliability. For reassurance, look no further than the year 2021, when Ford once again outdid itself with the release of the combustion-powered Transit, outselling the UK-best-selling car by a generous margin of 25%, and securing its status as the most sought-after automobile within the country.  It’s fruitless to deny this astronomical achievement within the automotive industry and, furthermore, we might just be lucky enough to watch them take home the trophy for a second time, with their electrically-powered, zero-emission equivalent… the Ford E-Transit Custom. Superior in every classification, ranking, and class, we invite you to sit back and read on as to why this state-of-the-art mode of transport is too good of an offer to pass by!

Just Come Green- The Strive to a Zero-emission Tomorrow

Here’s what we know: By the year 2030, Ford promises ⅔ of manufactured commercial vehicles to be exclusively all-electric, or plug-in hybrid (a mix of both combustion-powered and electric). Moreover, they have undertaken the task to produce solely zero-emission vehicles by the year 2040. An audacious yet attainable claim, we see the beginnings of their visions becoming somewhat tangible with the E-Transit Custom- delivering eminent capability, efficiency, and accommodation, alongside the promise of a greener tomorrow. Really, what more could we possibly ask for in an electric Ford Transit Custom ?

Keep Calm and Power On…With Record-Breaking Range and Battery Life!

With an impressive 134 hp and 215 power output, this can-do-it van is irrefutably the most powerful medium truck you can buy right now. With an estimated 236 miles of driving range, say goodbye to debilitated, draining fuel tanks, desperately praying for a top-up station to be somewhere, anywhere near you right now, and those engine lights dying out…and taking your heart with it. Drained engines and cold flushes of panic are merely a thing of the past with the E-Transit, so get to grips with your new vehicle and make yourself comfortable…because it’s got your back.

Sleek a Peek…The Electric Ford Ford Transit Custom  Stunning New Interior!

Featuring a newly remodelled, lustrous finish and many desirable, additional functions, working from within the comfort of your van has never been easier. This trailblazing design features a convertible steering wheel that can be tilted to create a laptop/device stand, allowing you to type up those overdue documents when stuck in seemingly never-ending traffic. Furthermore, the steering wheel also transforms into a table when further tilted, serving as an excellent worktop to snack on for a quick energy refill when you’re on the go!

Need a quick stretch? No problem! With contemporary never-seen-before flat-flooring, this futuristic van allows for much more usable space and kick-back leg room… not to mention an increased area for the middle occupant- taking the centre is no longer a prison sentence with this state-of-the-art internal refinement.

Upping their Frame…With the Latest Structural Upgrades

Showcasing the latest honeycomb-shaped grill, a restyled, sheeny bonnet, and aerodynamically styled rear light clusters for maximum efficiency, Ford has run over 800 simulations in order to give those late-night workers the legendary capability they deserve. The significant reduction in height allows this van, unlike others, to enter more multi-story car parks and low-roofed areas, allowing van drivers to experience the same treatment as they would inside a car; making that switch has never been more accommodating!

Patently, this sedulous care in manufacturing output has more than paid off- capable of reaching up to 62mph from rest in under 7 seconds, this van’s sheer power is not something to be taken lightly. Revolutionising the electric market and breaking further stereotypes about non-combustion-powered vehicles, there’s no doubt about the surge of van drivers soon to be making the switch from gasoline to green… all thanks to this compact-sized work of art.

On the Go In the Electric Ford Transit Custom

Here at Electric Van Solutions , it is our goal to ensure that you are knowledgeable about the profusion of electric vehicles and motorhomes hitting the market today to ensure a feasible, imperishable way of life here on our resplendent Blue Planet we call home. With around 1,000 public charging stations already installed across Wales, and 24,000 in the UK alone, hitting the road for a mollifying break has never been so opportune. Taking from nature has never been so easy, and, thanks to our plethora of rentable electric vehicles to choose from, giving back to the environment is even easier- the very cherry on the brake!
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