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ID Buzz

The VW ID Buzz: An all-Electric Mini Van


This is a cargo minivan that is a superb electric vehicle. The ID Buzz is the first electric minivan by Volkswagen which is based on the battery electric MEB platform. It is a modern, fresh, and exciting vehicle which may be nostalgic to those who had been around during the 1960s and 1970s. This vehicle can also be described as timeless, functional, and very sustainable as it can be used for the transporting of goods. The ID Buzz is so multi-functional that it can be used for ride-pooling services. There is also a more commercial version made available that has no rear seats which will allow you to use it as you see fit! The ID Buzz is also available with a two-tone finish and a V-shaped bonnet, and an upright rear windscreen including square sides. What is most exciting about the ID Buzz is that it is supplied on a carbon-neutral basis. This means it is a vehicle that does not contribute to the carbon footprint. The ID Buzz works emission free on the road. In simple terms, it is good for the environment! So, if you are looking for a vehicle that is environmentally friendly and multifunctional – this is just the car for you! If you are seeking something larger try the Volkswagen T7 Multivan


The ID Buzz is equipped with an 82.0 kWh battery capacity with useability of 77.0 kWh. It is° also geared with a torque that is 310Nm at its maximum with a top speed of 128 km (about 79.54 mi)/h. It is able to maintain reasonable speed in both cold and mild weather conditions within the city, highway or combined. Its the same battery as the Electric VW Transporter 


Here is a table that displays the range estimate between 235 – 480 km (about 298.26 mi):

Route Mild Weather Cold Weather
City 480 km 380 km
Highway 295 km 235 km
Combined 370 km 285 km



The indications are according to real-world conditions. The mild weather conditions are estimated at 23°c without any use of air conditioning. The cold weather estimates are based on conditions that can be considered the worst case with the use of heating. Lastly, the highway estimates are assumed at a speed of 110 km (about 68.35 mi)/h. This estimate gives you an idea of how well the ID Buzz performs in unique conditions and how it aims to give you the most exceptional experience. How can you still not want to get it?!

The ID Buzz has two charging ports. It has a CCS fast-charging port, which does not postpone or slow down your travel itinerary, and a Type 2 charging port. Both the fast-charging port and the Type 2 charging port are located on the right side of the rear. The fast-charging port has a speed of 460 km/h, and maximum fast charging power of 175 kW DC with a 30-minute charging time (33 ->264 km). Having two charging ports allows you to charge at your own pace, whether it be at home or a charging station, and saves you money that you would have had to spend on diesel.


So, What About the Interior?

The ID Buzz has an accommodative interior. Its front seats have armrests that are adjustable including tables that fold out of the backrests for the passengers at the back. This allows you and your passengers to have a spacious and comfortable trip, either by taking a well-deserved nap or wrapping up on some office work during the trip. This three-rowed, seven-seater also has a removable center console between the front seats. The cargo area has abundant storage of 40 cubic feet. There is a 10-inch digital gauge cluster in the ID Buzz’s standard features, its top options include ambient lighting that is adjustable and electric control massaging front seats. Who would not want to travel in such a magnificent vehicle?

The center of the dashboard has a touchscreen that allows you to operate the van’s infotainment system. The touchscreen’s size is 10.0 inches, with 12.0 inches an available option. It also has a built-in bottle opener and an ice scraper, including unique cute design elements.  The interior is also tone-toned with embossed patterns which are pleasing to the eye. Recycled material such as Seaquel yarn which is made from ocean plastics including PET bottles is used.


Technologies to Look Forward to in the ID Buzz:

  • A new Plug & Charge function: This gives you a faster charging procedure that has an authentication process.
  • Driver assistance: This is an optional feature to use. It also offers a self-park assist that has a memory function which allows you to use routes that have previously been saved.
  • Bidirectional charging: This allows the electric car to feed unwanted energy back into the home grid, this means it is from the vehicle into the home
  • Assistance System: This consists of Travel Assist which makes use of swarm data. This enables data collection regarding the vehicle, its surroundings and road conditions. This feature thoroughly assists the van and its driver where needed.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: This allows you to use your iPhone and android phone in a smarter and more convenient way while driving.


Why Should You Get the ID Buzz?

Apart from it being spacious with 40 cubic feet of storage space, and its cute interior features and speed, the ID Buzz is a convenient van anyone could purchase. This is because it is a savvy and environmentally friendly van that offers ample comfortability and versatility in terms of how it is used. It can be used for cargo or as a great escape on a fun road trip while relaxing in your electric control massaging front seats. With it being a pure battery van, the acceleration is instantaneous with a silent drive. Despite its road silence, it is a cute and iconic ride loudly drawing people’s attention on the road. Who would not want a car that is able to self-drive? This means while on the way back from a fun and adventurous trip, the ID Buzz assists you on the road, making use of the Travel Assist feature which remembers your route. The largest van in the Volkswagen range is the Electric VW Transporter 

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