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Electric Van Description

The Peugeot ePartner is one of a handful of small vans available with an electric engine. Driving around in one of these can help to avoid those hefty emission charges while allowing you to save money on fuel, too. If you want a practical vehicle which is eco-friendly, the Peugeot Partner electric could be exactly what you need.

Combining the practicality of the Partner with an electric system, you get the Peugeot ePartner. Going electric will save you money in running costs but you the stated NEDC range is a maximum of 106 miles. This is why electric vans are more feasible for city tradespeople who do tend to do shorter journeys.

One of the strengths of the Peugeot Partner electric is you can get up to 80% charge in just half hour at most UK services using the DC rapid charge port. Overnight charging takes 10 hours through the standard AC charge port.

There is some flexibility in the choice of Partner with two wheelbases available. You can get a load capacity of 3.3m³ in the L1 or 3.8m³ in the L2.

Peugeot ePartner


Introducing the stylish and comfortable Peugeot ePartner. Offering you the style and convenience that Peugeots are known for, with the eco-friendly electric drive you’re looking for. The ePartner is environmentally friendly, flush with modern convenience, functional, and safe. You can’t go wrong with the ePartner from Peugeot!


Starting with the most important aspect of any electric vehicle, will begin our discussion by talking about the battery and its performance and specifications. The Peugeot ePartner comes standard with a 50kWh battery offering an impressive 171 miles of range. On top of that, the electric motor delivers a powerful 136 bhp so you’ll never have to worry about making it to highway speeds or getting to the top of hilly terrain. Using an at home wall charger, the ePartner can be charged to full capacity ( from 0-100%) in only 7.5 hours. A quick and convenient overnight charge, to be sure. With an 11kW upgraded wall charger. That charge time is reduced to only 5 hours. If you have access to rapid charging, a 100kW rapid charger will take the ePartner from 0-80% in only 30 minutes. Charge during a quick lunch break and you won’t even have to interrupt your work day to get the ePartner fueled up and ready to go!


As for power and performance, the ePartner delivers in this area as well. The 136bhp can get the ePartner from 0-62mph in only 11.7 seconds, so you’ll never have to worry about reaching highway speeds again in an electric vehicle. And with a top speed of 81mph, remaining at highway speeds will be a breeze. If you need acceleration to get in and out of traffic in challenging conditions, the ePartner offers an impressive 260Nm of torque. With its soft suspension, small and agile steering wheel, and low-noise, single speed transmission, driving will not only be effortless, it will be downright enjoyable.


The ePartner also comes with three distinct driving modes that can be changed with a press of a button. These modes – Eco, Normal, and Power – offer distinctly different feels to suit different conditions and driving preferences. Eco mode lowers the power to 60kW and also lowers the AC output to give you better range. In Normal mode, power is at 80kW, striking a balance between power/performance and range. In Power mode, power is increased to an impressive 100kW, making hill climbs and highways easy to negotiate and heavy cargo a breeze to transport.


As for the interior, the Peugeot ePartner has all the modern convenience you’d expect, and some extra features you might not have expected! The ePartner comes with a gear toggle switch; a digital instrument cluster that displays driving modes and SAT-NAV; and a cockpit dashboard with the gauges high up for easy visibility. It also comes with air conditioning; cruise control; a carpeted cab; electric folding rear mirrors; a multi-flex passenger seat; DAB radio; an 8’ infotainment display; Apple Carplay and Android Auto; and front fog lights.


The exterior is highlighted by the styling you’ve come to expect from a Peugeot. With sleek lines and elegant curves, all rounded out by understated colors and accents, the ePartner is both functional and stylish, giving you the best of both worlds while on the road. And with a cargo capacity  4.4 cubic meters and a payload of 800kg, you can get your tools, materials, and equipment wherever they need to go.


As for safety features, the Peugeot ePArtner delivers driver side airbags. As safety options, you can upgrade to passenger side airbags; curtain and side airbags; an autonomous emergency brake; and lane keep assist. With all these features in mind, from safety, to style, to cargo capacity and an eco-friendly electric motor, it’s clear why the ePArtner from Peugeot is the first choice for those looking for a modern electric cargo van.

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