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Renault Master Luton ZE

Renault Master Luton ZE

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Electric Renault Master Luton

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Electric Van Description

Finding the right specialist van to meet specific commercial transport needs can be a tough challenge. In times of increasing fuel costs and with low emission zones being introduced in even more city and urban areas, the on-road costs facing specialist internal combustion van drivers can be a huge expense that seem inescapable. Renault have created a practical solution through their range of specialist electric van conversions of the Master Z.E platform cab

Factory, Tailor-made and Bespoke Conversions

These are conversions that come right off the Renault factory floor so concerns about planning a conversion on receipt of your Master Z.E platform cab only to then face potential lengthy conversion build times may be avoidable. However, if the factory conversion options aren’t quite right for you, Renault has also tailor-made conversions to meet your needs that are able to be carried out by approved, licensed, and accredited converters that will guarantee your warranty stays valid. Checking your converter’s warranty statement is always recommended. 

Renault has developed a specialist network of accredited and licensed converters who are additionally trained and supported in creating bespoke conversions that maintain your warranty and create the electric van to meet all your business ambitions. Conversions can be as diverse as food trucks, cherry pickers, tip trucks, horse floats, curtain side delivery vans and even patient transport vehicles. If your business has specialist needs, you need a specialist convertor. The right Master Z.E for your commercial needs can come straight from Renault to you or can be converted for any purpose imaginable. Keep your business on the road with a fully electric Renault Master Z.E. 

Get Electric with Renault Master Z.E 

The Master has an extensive range of configurations including huge panel vans, crew cabs, chassis cabs and platform cabs with drop sides, tipper trucks and Luton box vans. Many of these configurations are available with a fully electric engine in Master Z.E range. These E-Tech electric vans have zero tailpipe emissions and are permitted to access low emission areas without facing restrictions or tariffs. The van and platform configurations start at 3100kg in weight, with a 3500kg option for van, platform, and chassis cab configurations when using an electric engine. 

Charging and Driving Range

Charging time is 6 hours using a 7kW wall charging box. The 33kWh battery generates a driving range in the Master ZE of 75 miles (WLTP) combined cycle, which in real-world city driving conditions is about 90 miles in the summer months and about 50 miles in tough winter conditions when loaded with 80% of maximum capacity. The 57kWh power unit offers an impressive torque of 225Nm. There are different government initiatives and rebates available to off-set the installation of a wall charging box at either your home or business making an electric van a practical solution. The Renault Master Z.E is designed for the frequent stops and short hops many last mile commercial van drivers complete several times a day in congested, low emission zones. Just charge your Master Z.E overnight and you’re ready to go the next morning. 

Think Outside the Box Van

The Renault Master Luton ZE Low Loader isn’t just any old van conversion. It isn’t even a run-of-the-mill box van conversion but a quiet, emission-free electric Luton van that is highly adaptable with many potential business applications. Home removals, parcel deliveries as well as frequent collection and drop off and last mile services are all obvious applications for the Renault Master Luton ZE Low Loader. But when thinking outside the box van, Renault Master Luton ZE Low Loader can also be used for diverse specialist commercial purposes such as a mobile shop, catering vehicle, or even as a transportable showroom on wheels. Bring your business to your customers and clients with zero tail-pipe emissions and be welcomed into low emission zones. 

Renault Master Luton ZE Low Loader Specifications

The driving range and charging times of Renault Master Luton ZE Low Loader match that of all electric Master Z.E vehicles. Based on Renault Master (Front Wheel Drive) platform cab, it boasts an impressive carrying volume of up to 19 cubic metres and a maximum payload of 1238kg. The flat box floor is solid 15mm birch, which is strong enough to safely, and securely, support even the maximum carrying capacity. The over-the-cab storage is standard on all Luton van designs and is ideal for storage of lighter items keeping the loading bay area free for heavier items. The 57kW unit delivers 220Nm of torque which ensures that even loaded to capacity, acceleration will be smooth and jolt-free. 


As the name implies, Renault Master Luton ZE Low Loader is featured with a 500mm loading height allowing for ease of loading as well as unloading, plus adaptability of purpose. The 270-degree rear barn doors open to offer increased accessibility and the fixed rear step allows for an extended reach for fast loading and unloading. There is no reaching into the gloom in the back of a Luton Low Loader because it is brightly lit with PIR interior lights. The manoeuvrability and tight turning circle allow the Luton Low Loader to easily navigate tight, urban streets. The Master Z.E. Luton Low Loader is a highly practical electric van that can be used straight from the factory floor or be converted to a specialist electric van. 

Considering a Renault Master Luton ZE Low Loader?

If you’re looking to upgrade your van, or considering switching to an electric van, at Electric Vehicle Solutions we have all the right knowledge, options and skills needed to guide you toward choosing the right electric van for you. Switching to an electric van can be an intimidating process. People are often confused about electric van driving range, recharging and outlay costs and may be dubious about the practicalities of going electric. At Electric Vehicle Solutions, we are electric van specialists so we can help you understand your driving needs, how to adapt to electric and how to get you into those low emission zones, tariff-free. 

If you’re uncertain about financing, we offer electric van sale, electric van lease and electric van rental options to meet the needs of every customer, from sole traders to fleet managers and everyone in between. Contact us at Electric Vehicle Solutions or request a call back, today. 

Specialist electrics vans are hard to come by but Renault offer conversions with the Master platform cab. This means you can drive around in a Renault Master ZE Luton van without having to fork out on hefty fuel bills and emission charges. The NEDC range states a range of up to 124 miles from one charge with the Master ZE. But, this would be affected by the weight of the loads you may be expected to transport with a Luton body. A ‘real-life’ range of 74 miles is more realistic. It’s also better suited to those who will be making shorter journeys and could charge their vehicle overnight. A 7kw wallbox will allow for a full charge of your electric Renault Master Luton in just 6 hours. With a Luton body conversion, you can get an increased load space of up to 19m³. You can convert the Master ZE platform cab any which way you please

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