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Renault Master ZE

Renault Master ZE

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Renault Master ZE Electric Van

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Electric Van Description

If you’re looking for the only large electric van on UK roads in 2019, the Renault Master ZE is the vehicle for you. Providing the highest load capacity of any electric commercial vehicle, the Master ZE is practical and eco-friendly.

Although you will have to pay a little extra to go electric, you will save money on emissions charges and fuel with the Renault Master ZE. With a range of 124 miles and just 74 miles in ‘real use’, it is more feasible for those who will be making short urban trips.

It takes just 6 hours to charge with a 7 kW wallbox which is ideal for doing overnight. However, should you be spending a lot of time covering long distances on the motorway, then electric may not be the best for you.

Like the diesel powered version, the electric Master has all the same dimensions and specification. You have a choice of three load lengths and two heights which allow for a load space of up to 17m³.

Available as a platform cab, you can get the Renault Master ZE as a conversion. Take a look at the electric Renault Master ZE Luton van.

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